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Knowledge and love of God

The Spiritual Design of Creation

The Spiritual Design of Creation, 217 pages

This book is written to refresh the life of the soul. Its prime purpose is to advance the "knowledge of God," so that we may know our Creator as He really is, not as we may wish Him to be!

A poet once said: "God is closer to me than I am to myself. Why, then, am I so far from Him?" How can this be possible? The distance between our spirit and the Spirit of God can be measured by the difference between God as He really is, and the God that we have created in our mind. The purpose of acquiring the "knowledge of God" is to diminish the distance. The more we know God as He really is, the closer we draw to Him.

Our purpose in coming to this world is spiritual transformation, which can be attained only by knowing and loving God. The Spiritual Design of Creation will help you attain this Most Glorious Purpose. It appeals both to the mind and to the heart. It satisfies the mind by presenting the latest scientific evidence for the existence of God and the afterlife. It inspires and transforms the heart by showing the everlasting honors and rewards in store for those who cultivate their spiritual potential and the unimaginable losses for those who fail in this endeavor.

The Knowledge of God The Knowledge of God, 73 pages

This small book rests on this premise: We are spiritual beings created and designed in the most splendid Image, for a profound purpose-to grow and advance spiritually by remaining in touch with our Designer. Our welfare and our destiny depend on harmonizing our life with what He has planned and has in store for us. Unless we accept and submit to His plan, we cannot manifest our full potential, nor can we enjoy the blessings in store for us. Instead of blooming into a beautiful flower, we will live and die as a seed, without fulfilling our mission-the very reason we came into this world.

For Atheists and Agnostics
Who Needs Religion Who Needs Religion?, 120 pages

What is the heart and soul of religion? It is the practice of the spiritual laws that bring humans into harmony with God. It is an "everlasting dialogue between humanity and God." It is the "voice of the deepest human experience." What are the most precious words in human life? Love, joy, happiness, peace, contentment, and hope. Religion is the abundant source of all these blessings and more.

Faith is more than believing
In a well-ordered life;
It is more than victory
Over sin and strife.

Faith is more than planting
Seed beneath the sod;
Faith is daily walking
Hand in hand with God.

The Evidence for Jesus The Evidence for Jesus, 91 pages

It is absolutely essential to know why we believe in Jesus. Where can we find the answer? Only in the Words of Jesus Himself. The Evidence for Jesus offers a brief summary of all the reasons Jesus-not His followers-gave to substantiate His claim. This is a book that every Christian should read. It will also be of great value to those of the Jewish faith who have a desire to know the evidence for their glorious King and Redeemer: Jesus Christ.

Muhammad: The Spirit Who Glorified Jesus Muhammad: The Spirit Who Glorified Jesus, 618 pages

This book demonstrates absolute harmony between the Bible and the Qur’án. Conflict results from misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the Bible and the Qur’án.

Much of the conflict between religions result from misunderstanding and misinterpreting the sacred Scriptures. Bahá’u’lláh and the Báb have revealed the mysteries of the Scriptures and demonstrated their absolute harmony.

Baha'i Proofs

Bahá'í Proofs, 114 pages

The One who has sent Messengers to us has also given us clear and definitive standards by which they can be recognized. This book applies those standards to Bahá'u'lláh and proves that He has fulfilled every one of them on a scale never seen before.

Bible Topics

Bible Topics for Bahá'ís, 102 pages

When we talk to Christians, we need to find the biblical verses relevant to the discussion. This compilation is designed to help you find those verses. Read all the quotations once, and mark the ones that meet your needs. You will then be better prepared to find the desired verses.

For Christians and Jews
One_Way One Way

Is Christ the Only Way?, 47 pages

Though called by many and different names and revealed in diverse forms, there has been, and there will always be, only one divine and indivisible faith inspired and sustained by the same transcendent spirit. Religions can be likened to the chapters of an ever-growing anthology written periodically and progressively by seemingly different writers, who in essence are one. It is not too difficult to recognize the close and unbreakable links between the various chapters of the one ever-expanding Book. Only the ink, the paper, and the pen seem to have changed, not the Author or the Hand inscribing the words.

I Shall Come Like a Thief I Shall Come Like a Thief, 109 pages

I Shall Come Like a Thief proves that God has fulfilled His promise, that the Second Advent of Jesus has indeed come to pass. Just as it happened in His first Advent, only those who seek Him can find Him and recognize Him. This small book presents a great challenge to all Christians!

Will Jesus Come from the Sky or as a Thief? Will Jesus Come from the Sky or as a Thief ?, 207 pages

Be always on the watch! (Luke 21:36)

The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. (I Thess. 5:2)

In the mid-19th century many Christian scholars had discovered that, according to numerous biblical prophecies and promises, Christ would return in 1844. Thousands of Christians around the world expected His Return in that year. Why did so many discover the same date? And what piece of "the prophetic puzzle" did they miss? Let us explore this critical question.

Jesus declared that He would return "like a thief." He also repeatedly warned us to "Watch!" How does a thief come? Secretly. A thief does not want to draw attention to himself. This is his foremost concern. How can we catch a thief? By being awake and "watchful," by "paying attention" to his coming. Jesus' warning that He would return "like a thief," and His recommended strategy for recognizing Him by staying awake and by "watching" for Him, are complementary:

The warning: I shall come like a thief!

The way to recognize me: Watch, pay close attention! Do not be complacent!

What, then, did Jesus mean by warning us repeatedly and emphatically to "Watch!"? He meant: "Pay close attention to the news of My coming!"

Mysteries of the Bible Mysteries of the Bible, 39 pages

Who knows the true meaning of prophecies? There are at least seven conflicting schools of interpretation. Which one is right? Mysteries of the Bible shows how theologians distort the meaning of prophecies of the Second Advent to make them fit their personal views and expectations just as they did at the time of the First Advent.

Prophecy: the Obstacle Misinterpretation of Prophecy: The Obstacle that Prevents Many People from Knowing Their Redeemer, 33 pages

Prophecies are like sign posts; they are given to guide us to our destiny, to help us recognize our Redeemer. But many believers, throughout all ages, have used them for an opposite purpose. They have turned them into obstacles to deny their Redeemer. They have acted like someone who thirsts for water, but uses water to drown himself!

Christ_Has_Come Christ Has Come!, 155 pages

Christ Has Come! is written especially for Christians who have sincere love for Jesus Christ and a genuine desire to obey His commands that they should never become complacent, but rather watch for the news of His return, and pray constantly to become worthy of knowing Him (Luke 21:34-36). It invites them to open their hearts to the One who is knocking:

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in... Christ (Rev. 3:20)

Be let Him in the moment He arrives and knocks. Christ (Luke 12:35-36)

Be always on the watch...that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man. Christ (Luke 21:36 NIV)

This book invites all seekers and lovers of truth to learn about a new religion, the Bahá'í Faith, and the astonishing evidence of its divine origin, as presented by its Founder, Bahá'u'lláh, the Glory of God.

 Religious_Leaders_Small.jpg The Role of Religious Leaders in the Destiny of Humankind, 85 pages

Most believers trust their religious leaders and follow them faithfully as their guides to heaven and everlasting happiness, without being aware of the perilous consequences of this ancient and deeply entrenched tradition.

The time has come for the followers of all faiths to question this unjustified and perilous practice. The time has come to examine the divisive role of these leaders, to see objectively what they are doing. The time has come to look more closely at who they are, how they have behaved in the past, and what strategies they use to keep their followers divided and uninformed.

Greates_Lesson_in_History.jpg The Greatest Lesson in History, 35 pages

What is the most critical lesson we can learn not only from the First Advent of Jesus but also from the story of all God’s great Teachers and Redeemers? That lesson is hidden in these questions: Why do people deny their Redeemers when they have only a few followers, and then welcome them when they have many followers? Why do they first persecute their Prophets and Saviors, and centuries later worship them?

Hath_the_Hour_Come.jpg Hath the Hour Come?, 31 pages

Bahá’u’lláh wrote an Epistle—called The Most Holy Tablet—to Christians. It contains His strongest and most urgent appeals to Christians to investigate His Claim as the Return of Christ. Read this Epistle with your heart and soul. Ponder its meaning. Allow your “spiritual instinct” to respond. Let your soul bask in its beauty, power, and uniqueness. Try to remember if you have ever heard or seen any human being speak in this language.

In the Clouds of Glory, 224 pages

This volume represents the fifth stage of our search into the claim of the twin Redeemers of our age: the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh. Although it can and does serve as proof, its chief function is to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of proofs, to disperse the clouds of misconceptions that obscure the light of truth. Specifically, it seeks to decode the language of Scriptural symbolism on the return of Jesus, to demonstrate how the symbolic words have always stood as obstacles in the path of the search for Truth, depriving the masses of mankind from recognizing the Divine Messengers.

1844_Critical_Year.jpg Why Was 1844 the Most Critical Time in History?, 28 pages

This booklet shows why 1844 was the most momentous date in the history of humankind.

Do You Believe in Jesus or in Bible Scholars? Do You Believe in Jesus
or in Bible Scholars, 75 pages

This booklet presents the instructions Jesus gave Christians to help them recognize Him on His Return. It further demonstrates how Bible scholars distort and conceal the true meaning of these instructions.

By My Fruits You Shall Know Me By My Fruits You Shall Know Me, 252 pages

Should religion be acknowledged merely on faith? Is religion simply an outpouring of human emotions and detached from reason? There are many who believe so, but such a belief is merely a supposition, solely an assumption. For the divine Educators teach otherwise; they ask us to search and to test every claim in the crucible of reason.

Every seeker of truth needs to know why he believes in his own Faith, his own Savior. Once this is accomplished, the task of seeking and finding the truth becomes quite simple. All that the seeker needs to do is to apply the conditions or requirements that hold true in relation to his own Faith and Savior, to the new Faith and the new Savior. If they apply, he accepts; if not, he rejects.

By My Fruits You Shall Know Me will guide you through the path of the search for truth.

A_New_Name_Small.jpg A New Name Everyone Should Know, 60 pages

The deep attachments prevent most people from recognizing and acknowledging Bahá’u’lláh immediately. As a rule, it takes several years, sometimes decades, to overcome one’s lifelong attachments. God is full of grace and patience. He allows us to take our time. If it were not for His sustained patience and grace, no one would have a chance.

No wonder Jesus promised the most splendid rewards to anyone who “overcomes.” Overcomes what? Emotional attachments and the many other obstacles.

Epistle.jpg Bahá’u’lláh’s Epistle to Christians, 16 pages

Bahá’u’lláh wrote an Epistle containing His strongest and most urgent appeals to Christians to investigate His claim. This booklet contains most of Bahá’u’lláh’s Epistle—called The Most Holy Tablet—along with biblical references offered by the present author in the footnotes. You may wish to read the Epistle twice, once without looking at the footnotes and again with the footnotes.

Letters to

Letters to Christians, 21 pages

Christians are sound asleep! The best way to awaken them is to send them powerful and motivational letters. You will find several samples of such letters here. Email them to your Christian relatives and friends.

Introduction to the Bahá’í Faith
Heavens_most_glorious_gift Heaven's Most Glorious Gift, 149 pages

This is the second in a two-volume series about the Bahá’í Faith. This volume, like the first—One God, Many Faiths; One Garden, Many Flowers— presents the Message and Mission of Bahá’u’lláh to all seekers and lovers of truth. It invites everyone who is interested in his or her eternal destiny to “Watch!” (Matt. 24:42), to take notice and pay attention to the greatest and most joyous news in human history. It invites everyone to reach out for the most glorious gift Heaven may bestow on humans: the gift of loving God and living in the paradise of His peace and knowledge.

Either we choose our destiny or leave it to the winds of chance. “Whoever has resigned himself to fate will find that fate accepts his resignation.”
For Muslims
Islamic Prophecies, 32 pages

This small book presents many prophecies from the Islamic traditions and a few prophecies from the Qur’án concerning the Advent of the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh.

Bahá’u’lláh in the Qur’án, 936 pages (in Persian language)

The Qur’án predicts some of the most significant historic events in the Bahá’í Faith, but they are mostly in coded language. The Báb and Bahá’u’lláh have broken those codes. You will be amazed, the details with which the Qur’án points to the advent of The Báb and Bahá’u’lláh and the Bahá’í history. Bahá’u’lláh in the Qur’án is the first book of its kind, for it is based almost entirely on the Quranic prophecies, rather than the Hadith (tradition).

For Bahá’ís and “Seekers”
Knowing_God_by_His_Word Knowing God by His Word, 148 pages

Can we tell the difference between God’s thoughts and our thoughts? Can we also tell the difference between the way God expresses His thoughts and the way we do? Surely there must be distinct differences. This book describes these differences. It demonstrates that God’s thoughts and the way He speaks are so distinct that they can be readily recognized by any thoughtful person—anyone who uses his mind—his ability to think, to reason, and to understand—to recognize his Creator.

Thy_Kingdom_Come Thy Kingdom Come, 45 pages

We find two forces at work in the world: light and darkness. All around us we see war, poverty, addiction, suicide, social isolation, apathy, emptiness, prejudice, and injustice—waves of turmoil, conflict, and disorder that strain our powers to the limit, that threaten increasingly not only our civilization but our very survival. But we need not despair. For amidst all these forces of darkness, there stands a beacon of light and hope—a new world-embracing Order that is transforming the lives of millions—that is giving birth to a new society and “a new race of man.” Although not discernible by the masses of humanity, it is constantly at work, growing and expanding at an ever-increasing pace. What is this Order? Where and how did it originate? It is the purpose of this book to offer an outline of its basic elements, a brief sketch of its strength, which is steadily rising with the fall of a crumbling and chaotic old order—one that places self-interest above the welfare of the human race.

Bible_Topics_for_Bahais.jpg Bible Topics for Bahá’ís, 102 pages

When we talk to Christians, we need to find the biblical verses relevant to the discussion. This compilation is designed to help you find those verses. Read all the quotations once, and mark the ones that meet your needs. You will then be better prepared to find the desired verses.

Standards_of_being_Bahai.jpg The Standards of Being a Bahá’í, 41 pages

What ethical principles guide Bahá’ís in their daily living? In an age when cults sprout and spread like weeds everywhere, people remain skeptical of anything new. They feel more comfortable with an established name, with the tried and true. And we cannot blame them for their initial feelings.

Fortunately the skeptics can resolve their doubts by a simple test: judging a tree by its fruits. This mini-book gives you a taste of what it is like to be a Bahá’í.

Motivational Topics

Seize Thy Chance

Seize Thy Chance, 48 pages

The purpose of this book is to show that:

  • We are the captain of our soul. We have absolute freedom to choose our eternal spiritual destiny.
  • We came to this world to learn what God has planned for us and to pursue that plan.
  • The consequences of either ignoring or pursuing that plan are enormous.
  • It is of supreme significance to "seize the moment" to learn about that plan and to choose our eternal spiritual destiny before our moments are all gone.
  • What we think and talk about has the potential to turn into reality and transform our life.
Christians_Invited.jpg Christians are Invited to the Banquet of Heaven, 31 pages

Most people have lost their confidence, both in themselves and in those who lead them. They live as if the key to the Banquet of Heaven has been lost and no one can find it. This small book may not give you the key, but at least it will help you look where you may find it.

Does_Your_Fishbowl.jpg Does Your Fish Bowl Need Fresh Water? 31 pages

Most people have lost their confidence, both in themselves and in those who lead them. They live as if the key to the Banquet of Heaven has been lost and no one can find it. This small book may not give you the key, but at least it will help you look where you may find it.

New_Day.jpg If This is a New Day, Why Are People Sleeping? 23 pages

Many people feel despondent. Like the small “weed” in the shade, they see little if any lasting hope and purpose in their lives. They live in the bare winter of gloom and despair; they shiver in the cold of unawareness, apathy, and silence. Their only goal is survival, their only dream and glory is to meet the demands of the day. They are unaware that the long-awaited spring has dawned with awesome splendor. It is bursting with a power that can transform every seed into breathless beauty, every “weed” into exquisite fragrance.

Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it; let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them...for he comes... (Psalms 96:11-13 NIV)

Verily this is the Day in which both land and sea rejoice… (Bahá’u’lláh)

Life After Life Heaven and Hell: What Do They Mean?, 15 pages

Heaven or hell will be our everlasting home. Should we not know our home in advance? Should we not know where we would like to spend eternity? Should we not be able to choose our permanent place of residence?.

Glimpse_small.jpg Near Death Vision of Reinee Pasarow, 15 pages

This is a summary of a talk by Reinee Pasarow concerning her near death vision. While clinically dead, Reinee was guided to investigate and recognize the divine origin of the Bahá’í Faith. Her story proves that life after death continues. She was also given clues about the future of mankind on this planet.

Selections for Memorial Meetings

Selections for Memorial Meetings 16 pages

13 selections from Sacred Scriptures on the afterlife and one selection from A Messenger of Joy.

Other Topics
Do_You_Know Do You Really Know Who You Are?, 38 pages

How do you see yourself? One of the facts declared throughout the ages and confirmed by modern psychologists is this: Our life is what our thoughts make it. Our dreams shape our destiny. What our minds perceive, our hands pursue. Glory gives herself to those who always dream of her.

Spiritual_Solution Spiritual Solution to Adversity, 56 pages

The prime purpose of this book is to show that the panacea for human suffering is the adoption of a spiritual perspective. As intended by our Creator, this perspective must serve as the first and foremost armor of protection for human soul. Without this armor, we are vulnerable to the relentless changes and chances of this life; we have little, if any, resistance to the mounting pains and pressures of daily living. Our knowledge of God, our awareness of His ever-presence in our lives, and His plan for our everlasting destiny is our soul’s immune system. Without this knowledge, we are exposed to countless dangers of a changing world; we have little if any protection against the unpleasant events of our life.

The_Four_Valleys The Four Valleys of the Mind, 30 pages

Are you egg-minded, chicken-minded, eagle-minded, or spiritual-minded? Read this small book to find out.

Identical_Prophecies_Bible_ Qur'an Identical Prophecies of the Bible and the Qur'án Concerning the Bahá'í Faith, 141 pages

A main solution to our divided and diseased world is unity among the followers of great religions, especially the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. This books helps the followers of these religions to recognize their common bonds and their single Source. It provides hundreds of examples from their Scriptures to show that they predict, in identical terms, the Advent of a great religion that will bring together and unite all the peoples of the world.

Bahá’ís believe that all the prophecies of the Bible and the Qur’án have been fulfilled by the twin Messengers and Redeemers of our time: the Báb (the Gate) who served as the Herald of the new Revelation from God, and Bahá’u’lláh (the Glory of God) who established the new Revelation, called the Bahá’í Faith.

I hope and pray that this book will pave the way for unity among the followers of these three great religions, who constitute about half the population of the earth.

A_New_Prophet A New Prophet 16 pages

A few papers on vital topics written in the style of “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran:

1. May Heaven Bless Your Wedding
2. What is Faith and Religion?
3. What is Religion?
4. Love is Never Lost
5. Love Speaks
6. Suffering

To Be Read
at Your Wedding

May Heaven Bless Your Wedding, 2 pages